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Posts - Hipainters

  • in Interior Painting

    Home Painting Tips

    Painting the outside of your home can offer a wide variety of benefits. Not only can exterior paint add value to your home, but it can also extend the life of your siding. Before you begin a painting project involving the exterior of your home, there are a few things that you need to be...
  • in Interior Painting

    Painting a bathroom

    Tips When Painting Your Bathroom   Your bathroom can be one of the trickiest rooms in your home to paint due to the moisture that is prevalent. Baths and showers might be relaxing and get you clean, but this moisture can wreak havoc on your bathroom paint. This means that you need to take a...
  • in Interior Painting

    Seven Qualities a Home Interior Painting Company must have

    When it comes to hiring a particular home interior company for your interior painting needs, you spend a lot of time in finding the best one for yourself, which is absolutely good; after all, you don’t change the colors of your interiors every day! Moreover, when it comes to improving the appearance of your house,...
  • in DIY

    3 Tips on Choosing the Right Paint Color

    Painting your home can bring an entirely new look to an otherwise old home. Something as simple as a fresh coat of a different shade can change the way your space looks all together. But while it is easy to get a paint job done with HiPainters, the hardest part of home painting is choosing...
  • in DIY

    4 Benefits of Pressure Washing

    As time goes on, that new house look will fade and give way to blemishes, stains, and dark spots all over the exterior of your home. The driveway might not look as clean, your exterior walls could darken and look dull, and even walkways around your property could start to seem unpleasant to the eyes....
  • in Interior Painting

    Tips When Prepping a Room for Painting

    Paint has the ability to transform any room and add high doses of style instantly. However, before you begin putting brush to wall, you need to prep the room. Prepping the room before you begin painting can be the difference between a perfect paint job and a painting disaster. Let HiPainters ease your worries and...
  • in Exterior Painting, Interior Painting

    Painting Tips and Tricks from HiPainters

    Painting in the lines isn’t always as easy as it might seem. It takes a bit of skill and perfect technique to achieve flawless lines that make your paint job look professional and visually appealing like that of HiPainters work. If you want perfectly straight painting lines, but don’t want to spend hours and hours...
  • in Interior Painting

    Home And You: Five Things You Must Know About Home Interiors

    And you thought getting the home interiors changed is an easy thing? Think again! There are hundreds of things that you need to take care of, because it is not an overnight thing to get the interior painting decided, designed and completed; it takes a lot of efforts for every individual involved in the process,...
  • in Materials

    All About Wallpaper

    Wallpapers have made the lives of people quite easier, haven’t they? No matter what kind of wallpaper you need, you know that it is right there in the market. Whether you want a light colored shade for your home interiors or a darker one, you can easily get one from the market. No doubt you...
  • in Interior Painting

    Wood Work Painting

    A common problem in old homes is dark stained woodwork. Over time dark woodwork has gone out of style in almost all applications, it can make a room feel smaller or darker. Staining wood uses an oil based pigment that seeps into the wood, it may seem like the only solution is to sand the...
  • in Interior Painting, Materials

    Paint finishes explained

    Picking out a finish for paint can be complicated, there are many terms used to differentiate the level of shininess, or dullness in simpler terms. While a painting professional should know all of these terms, a customer wont necessarily know what they mean. HiPainters will take all of the stress out of picking out a...
  • in DIY, Materials

    Common painting quote requests

    Common painting quote requests ” can you paint over stained woodwork” ,”I hate the dark stain on my woodwork” or “I want my woodwork white”. Understandably many people have grown tired of there dark or even light stained woodwork, what was once the height of fashion has now become a royal pain for many homeowners...
  • in Exterior Painting, Materials

    Hiring a painter and decorator

    Thinking of hiring a painter and decorator?  wondering why hire somebody to do a job I could do myself… Consider these points first, do you have all the tool’s, knowledge, time or patience, if you consider the cost implications of no tools, ladder’s etc, the cost of time (your time) things are starting to add...